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Niantic To Let Pokemon Go Players Bring Six Pokemon To Gym Training

Niantic To Let Pokemon Go Players Bring Six Pokemon To Gym Training

Niantic, the firm responsible for unleashing the mobile game Pokemon Go upon the world, has announced through its official blog that it is preparing to roll out a new update that will allow players to bring half a dozen Pokemon to a friendly gym for training. Previously, players were only allowed to bring just one. With this update, Niantic has basically made training gyms more accessible to beginner players. Moreover, players should note that the combat power of the Pokemon at the training gym can be decreased to the user’s level, allowing for less one sided battles. 

Niantic’s latest news regarding its phenomenally popular augmented reality game comes a day after the company introduced another update that is coming soon. In that update, players who catch multiple Pokemon of the same type, e.g. 50 water type Pokemon, get to earn medals, which should improve their chances of snaring Pokemon of the corresponding type. To illustrate, as a user gets to a higher tier for the Kindler Medal, his bonus to snatch a Fire type Pokemon, like Charmander, Vulpix, or Ponyta, will increase.

Some may remember that about a month ago, Niantic also debuted a new update in the form of the Buddy feature. This functionality allowed users to walk their favorite Pokemon for candies which they can in turn make full use of in order for their Pokemon to evolve.

Pokemon Go’s run in the last few months has been truly amazing. According to information from marketing analytics firm ComScore, the mobile app has managed to breach 55 million in terms of the volume of mobile users in the United States in July of this year, especially during the first full 30 days that the app was made available to American consumers. With this achievement, Pokemon Go was able to rank 13th among all apps in the US, even surpassing the feats of social media giants such as Snapchat and Pinterest. 

However, some industry watchers are now wondering if Pokemon Go can keep it up. Eventually, every product cedes to the law of diminishing returns, and various reports have already detailed how the volume of daily active Pokemon Go users, number of downloads, engagement metrics, and time spent on the mobile game daily are no longer as high as they were compared to the previous weeks. Few will argue however how Pokemon Go has earned its place as one of the most successful mobile apps in history. More significantly, its influence will be felt soon, as newer gaming apps try to copy its success.