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SoundShare’s New iMessage App Allows Users To Send Entire Songs Via Text

SoundShare’s New iMessage App Allows Users To Send Entire Songs Via Text

Music-centric social media platform SoundShare has a new iMessage app that will allow mobile users to share whole songs to friends by way of text message. SoundShare’s service is not the first of its kind, of course, with a number of similar features already existing ever since the debut of the iMessage App Store. For instance, Apple Music has its own iMessage app, and music streaming service provider Pandora also deployed a similar service earlier this month. 


But it bears noting that these aforementioned apps mainly work best for those already using a particular music service (like Apple Music or Pandora), or those who already possess and have installed the appropriate app. For non-users however, it gets trickier. Pandora’s iMessage app, for example, forces non-users to download it from the App Store. And when sharing the track, the recipient can only enjoy a 30 second long version of the song. 


But with SoundShare, the issue of different music services is sidestepped by providing the recipient the option of choosing which music platform to use when listening to the song being shared. In other words, the recipient can choose the default service, whether it be YouTube, Apple Music, or iTunes, depending on his or her preferences. 


SoundShare launched its flagship mobile app earlier this year, and then later debuted its new iMessage app through a more recent software update. The main app is like a social media platform for music, wherein users can search or even follow other users, browse others’ playlists, and join forces with others in creating playlists, regardless of which music service they are using.


However, with the new iMessage app, things get infinitely more interesting. No longer are users limited to just texting YouTube link after YouTube link of songs they want their friends to also check out. After the app is installed, users can gain access to SoundShare directly from the apps screen in iMessage. The interface offer a list of the Top 100 tracks on its network, which helps a lot when you are trying to get an idea of which songs are popular right now. Even though the interface does not have separate sections for songs according to genre or date of release, users can still type in on the search bar whenever they feel like looking for that song to share to their music loving friends. 


SoundShare’s new iMessage app can be downloaded for free from the iTunes App Store, and works on iOS 10 or newer.