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Startup Launches New On-Demand Life Coaching Via Text Service

Startup Launches New On-Demand Life Coaching Via Text Service

A startup firm called Shine has decided to deploy a new service that sends on-demand life coaching tips to users via text message. The Shinevisor service is being introduced by the company as a paid tier to its free, daily text messaging service. While most companies out there are rolling out chatbots and SMS based concierge services designed to get people to purchase products and services, it is refreshing to find a company that actually wants to help people become better versions of themselves. Indeed, by way of its text messaging service, Shine offers daily self help tips, words of encouragement, and also advice to subscribers, either through SMS or Facebook Messenger.

With the launch of Shinevisor, the startup is readying to incorporate a more personal touch to the proceedings. For instance, advice and encouragement are sourced from real people, especially those that have earned certifications or have built careers as life coaches. 

About a year ago, Shine rolled out its free service first as a beta version. What it basically does is send an automatically generated text message to mobile users, especially those who consider themselves part of the millennial generation. The text messages essentially focused on alleviating worries commonly associated with millennials, such as the need for social acceptance, anxiety over controlling everything, getting rid of procrastination, learning the value of patience, and extending compassion for self and others, among many others. By this year’s summer season, Shine’s service had already sent more than 2.8 million text messages to a subscriber base that mostly (88 percent) consists of people 35 years old or younger. As of October, that the volume of text messages has since expanded to 10 million, sent daily to a subscriber base made up of mostly women (70 percent).

With Shinevisor, subscribers are connected to a certified life coach whom they can text any time. According to text recently sent out to earl subscribers of Shine, a lot of people were asking for the ability to be able to converse to a real person, especially on topics such as life, work, or school. To make sure every coach is qualified, Shine has a screening process that requires every candidate to have accreditation from a formal coaching program.

Subscribing to Shinevisor costs $15.99 a week, but the service is billed on a 12 week basis. The service is still in beta, and is being promoted via text message to existing Shine subscribers. Those interested, however, can sign up for a free trial.