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T-Mobile offering 5G data plan at $25/month/line

T-Mobile has just unveiled what could possibly be the best 5G unlimited plan in the US. The offer, called “Supercharged Un-carrier: On Gloves: Off,” gives customers unlimited 5G data plan for $25 per line per month for four lines. 

You can add up to six additional lines at $20 per line. The good thing about the offer is that it is available to both new and existing customers beginning tomorrow, July 24th. 

This is a temporary plan offer for customers. The regular price is $30 per month per line under the Essentials plan. But this plan does not yet include taxes and fees. 

It’s also good to remember that T-Mobile limits its 5G data speed in times of network congestion. It also limits mobile hotspot to 3G speeds and data in Canada and Mexico to 2G speed. Data roaming for other countries is not included as well as perks like Gogo and Netflix. 

This is a good time to switch to a 5G smartphone since there are reports that T-Mobile will be shutting down support for non-VoLTE compatible devices in January 2021.