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Microsoft Adds 20 New Partners To List Of Entities Bundling Office Apps, Services For Android

Microsoft Adds 20 New Partners To List Of Entities Bundling Office Apps, Services For Android

Microsoft just recently revealed that it is expanding its list of partners that are bundling Microsoft Office apps and services for mobile devices running on the Android mobile operating system. To be specific, the company is expanding it to 20 new entities which will have Office apps pre-installed on their hardware. The total number of partners on Microsoft's Android hardware manufacturer program is now at 31.


Microsoft has always been open about the fact that it wants its apps and services to have a presence on every platform, whether it be Android or iOS. Indeed, in the last year, the company has been pretty vocal in stating its mission to have its Microsoft working in just about every operating system for mobile out there. 


Of course, it is easier said than done. Android and iOS, after all, are technically competitors of Microsoft's own Windows operating system. That is why, more than ever, Microsoft is aiming to get by with a little help from friends -- 31 to be exact. Some of the newly added partners include Axdia International GMBH (Germany), Cube (China), DL (Brazil), General Procurement (USA), Grupo Nucleo (Argentina), Haier (China), Inco (Mexico), Ionik GMBH (Germany), Iview (USA, Latin American regions), LG (South Korea and the world), Multilaser (Brazil), Noblex (Argentina), Pacific (Mexico), Philco (Argentina), Positivo (Brazil), Prestigio (EMEA), Sony (Japan and the world), Teclast (China), TMAX Digital (North American regions), and Wortmann, Germany.


As stated via an official statement from the company, these 31 partners will specifically offer Android tablets that are pre-installed with Microsoft staples such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, OneDrive, and Skype. These apps will be made available on a new LG tablet device, with Sony also pre-installing them on its Xperia Z4 tablet within the next three months.


It is safe to say that Microsoft's approach to populating every mobile device with its apps and services is rather unusual. It may come out as a wise strategy, too. Windows may have been dominant in years past, but now, Android and iOS are the new kings in town. By pushing its Office apps to become available on Android and iOS, Microsoft is essentially making its products available for the majority of all mobile users in the world.


And looking at the newly added 20 partners, it appears that Microsoft has gotten itself a good mix of partners in different regions around the world. This means that the company should be able to reach new users not only from American markets, but also in European, Latin American/South American, and Asian markets.