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iHeartRadio Now Has 70 Million Registered Users

iHeartRadio Now Has 70 Million Registered Users

When it comes to music streaming services, well established names -- like Spotify, Pandora, and do not forget Apple's offering which will reportedly debut a few days from now -- are hugging all the limelight. Meanwhile, iHeartRadio has quietly built its own user base, which remarkably now number 70 million registered users.


iHeartRadio is a music streaming service that lets users listen to live radio stations, and at the same time, allow them to make their own personalized radio stations. It was created by Clear Channel, a familiar name in radio which was eventually rebranded as iHeartMedia a year ago. 


Launched less than four years ago, it is truly impressive that iHeartRadio has managed to breach the 70 million mark already. It had reached the 60 million mark just six months ago, and it is quite incredible that iHeartRadio added another 10 million in just half a year. 


Of course, it does help that the iHeartRadio mobile app has been heavily promoted via iHeartMedia's own traditional radio stations. According to Owen Grover, General Manager of iHeartRadio, the fact that the service was able to gain as many registered users in the last few months is testament to the strong relationship the company has developed with its listeners.


Still, many may note that the number of registered users does not necessarily equate the number of users actually regularly listening to the service. Other music streaming services, like Spotify for example, are quick to note that they are counting the number of monthly active users and paying subscribers. 


Grover begs to differ, however. He stressed that people can actually listen to iHeartRadio without having to register. Registration is only required if users want to have access to additional features (such as the ability to make personalized radio stations). In other words, beyond the 70 million people who registered, many more are actually listening to iHeartRadio, not all of them just bothered to sign up. According to Grover, the iHeart network actually has 87 million unique visitors on a monthly basis. As for the iHeartRadio mobile app, it has already been downloaded over 600 million times. 


iHeartRadio marked its 70 million registration milestone by blogging about it, and the company even shared some fun and interesting information via its post. For instance, the most popular custom artist station is Taylor Swift (no surprise there), and the most popular song is See You Again by Wiz Khalifa (featuring Charlie Puth). You can read the full blog here.