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Customer Satisfaction Level With Wireless, Web, TV Services Lowest In 7 Years, Per Survey

Customer Satisfaction Level With Wireless, Web, TV Services Lowest In 7 Years, Per Survey

As a general rule, people are never 100 percent happy with any service. Wireless, Internet, and TV service are no exception to this. But according to a very recent survey, it appears that consumers of these types of services scored the lowest satisfaction level in seven years. 


The survey, of course, was conducted by the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI). It recently released a report indicating that the level of satisfaction with wireless, Internet, and TV services has fallen by 3.4 percent to an overall score of 68.8/100. The data was taken from a poll of over 14,000 customers during the first quarter of 2015. The most common reasons for the dissatisfaction? Increased prices and bad customer service.


For years, the wireless, Internet, and TV industry have always scored the lowest in terms of customer satisfaction. But this year's numbers represent a new low in almost a decade. 


As mentioned earlier, skyrocketing prices and poor customer service are the leading culprits that cause more disgruntled consumers. Before, companies can get away with causing customer discontent because they know that consumers have no choice but to keep on subscribing to their services. 


But this time, the tables are starting to turn. The cable TV industry, for instance, is now threatened by web-based TV content services. And the fact that cable companies continue to score low ratings, the number of defecting customers will surely grow. Time Warner Cable and Comcast (which had a failed attempt at a merger in May) have both had decreasing scores -- Time Warner's fell by 9 percent to 41/100 while Comcast's dropped by 10 percent to 54/100. Only Charter Communications managed to improve its score, rising by 5 percent to 63/100.


As for Internet service providers (ISPs), their ratings do not paint a satisfied picture either. Overall, they scored 63/100 (same as TV services, and currently at last place). Consumers mainly complain about inconsistent coverage, slow web connections, and of course, rising subscription rates. ISPs who scored decreased ratings include CenturyLink (dropping by 8 percent to 60/100), Cox Communications (dropping by 9 percent to 58/100), and Charter Communications (dropping by 7 percent to 57/100).


Even wireless services providers are not immune to customer dissatisfaction. They saw their overall score drop by 2.8 percent to 70/100. Verizon Wireless fell by 5 percent to 71/100 while Sprint dropped by 4 percent to 65/100. Only AT&T and T-Mobile managed to improve on their scores, both garnering a score of 70/100.


For more details about the survey, you can read the full report here.