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iOS 12 to help users curb iPhone addiction

iOS 12 to help users curb iPhone addiction

One of the biggest developments this week is Apple’s official unveiling of iOS 12 (the upcoming newest version of its mobile operating system) during this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). According to the tech giant, the focus of iOS 12 is to improve performance and optimization, and fans of the mobile brand will no doubt be wanting to experience those cool new features when iOS 12 launches later this year.

But iOS 12 also has a set of new tools that should help users manage their smartphone usage, especially in terms of not spending too much time staring at their iPhone’s screen. Not only do these tools help people track how much time they have been spending on their handset, they also allow users to cut down on app usage, particularly those that are potentially addicting (here’s looking at you, social media apps).

With regards to monitoring smartphone usage, the new feature offers breakdowns of how often the user is opening his iPhone, and also, which specific mobile apps are sending him the most alerts. The results of the device or app usage tracking can be presented by day, week, or even month. iOS users are also given the ability to limit their usage -- for instance, when a set period of time has been exceeded on a given day, the Apple device will warn the user that he is spending too much time on that mobile game already.

The great thing about these tools is that they can be synced across multiple iOS powered mobile devices, which should discourage some people from shifting to an iPad when they are approaching the usage limit on their iPhone. 

Of course, iOS 12 also lends a hand to concerned parents who are beginning to worry that their kid can’t seem to take off their eyes of the smartphone screen. Indeed, moms and dads can set limits on usage times, and the same tools can be accessed from the Family Sharing app. 

The subject of mobile device addiction is increasingly getting some attention these days, and kids are particularly vulnerable, partly because unlike with previous generations, today’s boys and girls practically grew up with a smartphone or a tablet within easy reach. Studies have already suggested that too much screen time may lead to mental health issues, and even affect family, school, or community relationships. As one of the biggest smartphone brands in the world, Apple has faced some pressure to do something about it. To the tech giant’s credit, it has responded really well in keeping its promise