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Charter reportedly close to launching Spectrum Mobile

Charter reportedly close to launching Spectrum Mobile

As recently reported by BGR this week, it appears that Charter Communications is close to officially launching its Spectrum Mobile brand. This wireless service will take full advantage of the cable giant’s existing MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) agreement with carrier Verizon Wireless.

Charter Communications is said to be planning to debut its Spectrum Mobile service at the end of this month. It will reportedly offer an unlimited data plan at a price of $45 per month. Subscribers also get to enjoy the option of paying only for the gigabytes they consume. For this option, the rate is at $12 for each gigabyte every month.

By virtue of its MVNO agreement with Verizon Wireless (the number one wireless service provider in the United States), Charter Communications’ Spectrum Mobile could benefit greatly from the expansive reach of the Big Red’s nationwide network. Still, the cable giant will also be making full use of its own network of Wi-Fi access points, a great number of which are set up inside customers’ homes and clients’ business establishments and offices. But as far as network presence is concerned, Charter’s Wi-Fi reach could still really use some assistance from Verizon’s more ubiquitous presence.

Similar to how another cable giant, Comcast, marketed its own wireless service (Xfinity Mobile), Charter Communications will likely make its Spectrum Mobile brand available only to customers who already have a Charter account. Of course, this approach presents a lot of advantages. For one, homes of existing Charter subscribers would automatically become qualified to upgrade with a Spectrum connection. As for those who are looking to switch to Spectrum in order to acquire a cable or web connection to get Spectrum Mobile, can also likewise do so.

Last month, Danny Bowman, the new chief mobile officer of Charter Communications, had revealed that Charter was striking a partnership with Comcast for software and back end systems needed to support the two wireless networks. Although this agreement was positioned as a partnership, both companies have stated that Comcast had already poured investments into developing a working platform. Comcast is now sharing that same platform to Charter, who is charged with financing the collaboration.

Backed by an already familiar brand name in Charter Communications, Spectrum Mobile would be in a good position to attract some of the current subscribers of the Big Four carriers (namely Verizon Wireless, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint). But because Charter is paying industry leader Verizon $5 for each gigabyte used on the carrier’s network, the Big Red can still earn some revenues from the launch of Spectrum.