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iPhone 5

Introducing Phhhoto: An iOS App That Creates Moving Pictures

The free iOS app Phhhoto is far from being just your regular photo or video mobile app. That is because it doesn't just snap static, individual photos. Instead, this mobile app takes a series of pictures and stitches them up together to form a moving, animated picture that loops.


Tips For Taking Better Pictures This Holiday Season Using Your iPhone

Yes, we are well into the holiday season. There is plenty of cheers, gifts, food, drinks, and of course, taking pictures of your loved ones and the holiday sights. If you own an iPhone, you probably know that your device is generally considered one of the better smartphones out there that consumers can use for capturing images. If you would like to take better pictures this season using your iPhone, you can try checking out the following tips, accessories, and iOS app suggestions.


Taking Photos Of Groups Of People


Apple Pay: Things You Need To Know

Rumors are circulating that Apple Pay is about to go live any day now. Indeed, early reports are suggesting that employees of both Apple Stores and Walgreens are being prepped for Apple Pay's launch date, which could be any day this week. Apparently, Apple's employees are now being trained on the Apple Pay process (how to set up accounts, how to process transactions). Moreover, a Walgreens memo had recently leaked -- in the internal document, the drugstore chain is advising its employees that Apple Pay will be launching later within the week. 


iOS 8 Tips And Tricks

Apple has just released the newest version of its mobile operating system, the iOS 8. Just as promised, the latest iOS brings new features that should please newbies and diehard iOS fans alike. A lot of articles have been written about iOS 8's upgrades and no doubt, people are very eager to try them out on their iPhone 6s or iPhone 6 Plus's. But what about the features that are not so obvious?

Cyber Monday Cell Phone Deals

We're all about finding customers the best deals on cell phones and plans (among other things) at MyRatePlan. Below, we've compiled the best Cyber Monday cell phone deals of 2013 across all phones and providers. Many of these links are only available on Cyber Monday (December 2nd), but some may be available a few days before or a few days after as well.

Virgin Mobile

iPhone 5 Total Cost of Ownership Across the 4 Major US Carriers [INFOGRAPHIC]

Now that T-Mobile has announced that they will begin offering the iPhone 5 on April 12th, all four major U.S. carriers now support the iPhone. We have broken down the total cost of ownership of the iPhone 5 including 24 months of unlimited talk and text, and also included data limits for each carrier. For more information, check out our interactive cell phone plan comparison tool.

T-Mobile to Begin Offering iPhone 5 on April 12

Today, T-Mobile CEO John Legere announced at a live event in New York City that T-Mobile would begin offering the iPhone 5 on April 12. Referring to the lack of the iPhone as "a huge void" in their slate of device offerings, Leggere announced that T-Mobile would be offering the iPhone 5 for a $99.99 down payment, and then $20 per month for two years. This price does not include the monthly service plan fees.