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Intel Study: Millennials Less Attached To Their Smartphones Compared To Generation Xers

Intel Study: Millennials Less Attached To Their Smartphones Compared To Generation Xers

Millennials have hope after all. According to a recent study conducted by Intel Security, it turns out that members of Generation Y are more willing to leave their mobile devices when going on a trip, compared to members of Generation X (ages between 40 to 50 years old). In collecting its data, Intel Security polled almost 14,000 mobile users across the globe, asking them how often they stay unglued to their smartphones while enjoying their vacation. Its findings show that almost one half of American users just can not wrest themselves away from checking work related email messages while vacationing. Males appear to be more willing to let go (temporarily, of course) of their mobile driven lives -- 57 percent of men say they plan to disconnect, while 44 percent of ladies say they want to do the same.


Owning a smartphone these days also means getting connected to the Internet more frequently, and millennials, who grew up with social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, are kind of portrayed always as online addicts. But surprisingly, Intel Security’s study shows that 49 percent of Generation Yers claim that they could stay disconnected during vacation time, while only 37 percent of Generation Xers.


Intel Security’s study also sheds light on the possible dangers of staying connected while going on a trip. Social media platforms of today typically let their users post from anywhere across the globe, often disclosing their exact location while updating a new Facebook status or posting an Instagram pic. Such information can be used by cyber criminals for not so noble intentions. Also, connecting to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi networks while on vacation can be potentially risky, especially it those connections turn out to be unsecured. And more often than not, losing a mobile device while on a trip is much more difficult compared to misplacing a gadget at home or at the office. And there is no way of telling who holds your lost smartphone or tablet, leaving your private information high and dry.


The findings of Intel Security’s study also offers insights on how tricky it is to disengage ourselves from our mobile devices. Indeed, 55 percent of those polled said they were unable to disconnect despite having plans of doing so. On the other side of the coin, the act of unplugging comes with its advantages. 65 percent of the respondents claim that they were able to better enjoy their vacation time after ungluing themselves from their mobile devices, while 51 percent of them said that they connected better with their travel companions while on a trip.