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Apple's Health App Now Lets You Register As An Organ Donor

Apple's Health App Now Lets You Register As An Organ Donor

In an effort to try and help more people, Apple has updated its Health app to include a simpler process for organ donation. As announced by the company on Tuesday, the Health app will make it easy for its users to sign up to be an organ donor. The app currently has a Medical ID feature that keeps track of a user's health and medical information. With the update, this feature will be able to include whether or not the individual is a donor of his eyes, tissues, and other organs. Once an individual registers as an organ donor through the app, the information will be forwarded to the National Donate Life Registry, which is an organization being maintained by Donate Life America. 


If you would like to volunteer as an organ donor, all you have to do is open the Health app and tap on the registration button. This automatically adds you as a donor to a screen that displays “emergency information.” According to Apple, this information appears on your device's screen even if it is locked. By tapping on another button, other information on organ donation can be obtained. 


This is a really good initiative for Apple's Health app. As of this writing, over 120,000 Americans are waiting for transplant. And as explained by the company, a new individual is added to that waiting list every 10 minutes. There is such a huge demand for organs that supply can not meet. By making it easier to register as an organ donor, everyone can do their part and be a hero to as many as eight lives. 


Apple released its Health app in 2014 when it rolled out iOS 8 update. The app was initially designed to help the user keep track of his health and fitness. Over the years, the app has grown to be more than just a daily stat tracker. With this latest addition to the app, it certainly proves itself capable of being a useful tool to use. 


The recent updates to the Health app is currently available with the latest developer beta version of iOS 10. Apple says that the app will be available to everyone once the public beta of the latest iOS version rolls out this fall. The tech giant officially announced iOS 10 during this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference held last month. This newest version of the iOS mobile operating system comes with new features that include enhanced 3D Touch integration, a pickup to wakeup feature, in-notification replies, notification alerts that come with more details, easier and quicker access to mobile apps and widgets from the lock screen, and live video in notifications.