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72 New Emoji Coming To Apple Devices Via iOS 10

72 New Emoji Coming To Apple Devices Via iOS 10

A total of 72 new emoji are on their way to Apple’s smartphones and tablet devices very soon, likely coming with the roll out of iOS 10, the newest version of the company’s iOS mobile operating system. Just this week, the Unicode Consortium (an organization that establishes all benchmarks for letters and other characters used for universal software applications) has released the latest set of new emoji characters, which include selfie, face palm, boxing glove, drooling face, sneezing face, and many more.


The Unicode Consortium is in charge of granting approval of new sets of emoji, but the emoji themselves often take some time to actually get to people’s mobile devices. Unicode 9.0 got its approval earlier this month, and was officially deployed on June 21st just a few days ago. Still, the Unicode Consortium expects the emoji to get to iOS and Google’s Android mobile operating systems by the autumn season this year.


As for Apple, the iPhone maker is probably looking to incorporate the 72 new emoji into its iPhone and iPad devices some time within the iOS 10 cycle. Typically, Apple has an initial launch (iOS 10.0), and if the new emoji do not make it by the time of iOS 10.0’s deployment, they will probably be rolled out in the next succeeding update/s (iOS 10.1 or iOS 10.2). Moreover, it should be noted that the latest iOS 10 beta seeds do not come with support for these 72 new emoji, although it is quite possible that on the next build, they will be supported by then.


What should generate excitement among iOS mobile users is the chance to finally experience for themselves fresh new emoji. The latest graphics are not only playfully rendered in cool graphics, but more importantly, also reflect our ever evolving mobile culture. New emoji like rolling in the floor laughing (rofl), cowboy hat face, a clown, a liar that sports a Pinocchio nose, drooling, vomiting, sneezing, shrug, pregnant lady, and face palm should delight users. There is also interesting emoji like a man in tuxedo paring with the existing bride, a Mrs Santa Clause, a male prince, and a male dancer. There are also new hand gestures, new animals, new food graphics, and even new sports emoji. In anticipation of the 2016 Summer Olympics, there are new emoji for gold medal, silver medal, bronze medal, wrestling, water polo, and handball.