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Ericsson CEO: 5G Won’t Just Be About Speed

Ericsson CEO: 5G Won’t Just Be About Speed

When you think of 5G, you would probably think of network speeds far quicker than the 4G LTE networks existing today. But according to Hans Vestberg, the chief executive officer of Ericsson, 5G will be more than just speedy networks, but also about features that are more intuitive and efficient in bringing about a more enhanced connectivity experience for all mobile users of the world.


Some industry watchers are saying that 5G wireless tech (short for fifth generation wireless technology) will bring about network connection speeds that are a hundred fold faster (yup, you read that right) than the 4G connection speeds we are accustomed to nowadays. But as Vestberg predicts, speed will only be one facet of the wonders of 5G. According to the Ericsson CEO, networks will be made smarter, even behaving accordingly depending how they are utilized by mobile users, whether it is for health and fitness tracking purposes or when smart cars are functioning sans human intervention made possible through the power and efficiency of a 5G network.


Today’s 4G networks have managed to bring broadband speeds over the airwaves. The future’s 5G networks will continue to push the envelope in ways we can only imagine for now. But with all the talk about 5G’s capabilities in recent months, we are beginning to get a picture of what life is like with 5G’s power in our hands (literally). Verizon Wireless, the biggest wireless carrier in the United States, has already revealed its plans of field testing its own take on 5G wireless tech beginning in 2016, and various industry analysts are already starting to discuss the new types of potential devices and connected services that will develop with the introduction of 5G.


Verizon may be already exploring the tech as early as next year, but the industry is not actually expected to make full use of 5G until 2020, realistically speaking. But there is nothing wrong with taking a sneak peek every now and then. With various everyday objects are starting to become smart devices, why not wireless networks, too? Vestberg for one expects 5G to become more of a responsive piece of tech, a true smart network in its own right. It could help instruct a self-driving car where to go, or facilitate the calling of paramedics in the event a patient (with his vitals monitored by health and fitness tracking tools integrated to the 5G network) needs medical attention.


Of course, 5G will also excel in the areas we have begun to take for granted in 4G networks. Videos, music, and games are already delivered quite well in 4G, now imagine them in 5G -- a few years from now, having ultra sharp 4K video delivered to smartphones, tablets, or smart TVs could be the norm. With 5G, the sky is truly the limit.