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The Road To 5G: A Realistic Look

In an increasingly mobile world where everybody is glued to their smartphones and tablet devices surfing the Internet, browsing social media, watching videos or listening to streamed music, the need for a faster, better cellular network is as high as ever. But the truth of the matter is, building an improved cellular network often takes some time.


Ericsson CEO: 5G Won’t Just Be About Speed

When you think of 5G, you would probably think of network speeds far quicker than the 4G LTE networks existing today. But according to Hans Vestberg, the chief executive officer of Ericsson, 5G will be more than just speedy networks, but also about features that are more intuitive and efficient in bringing about a more enhanced connectivity experience for all mobile users of the world.


Verizon, T-Mobile Have Most Consistent 4G Service, Per RootMetrics Tests

RootMetrics is a company that does testing on wireless network performance independently. The mobile network tester has recently finished its latest round of tests evaluating network speed and reliability, and it has found out that the best overall wireless service provider is Verizon Wireless. 


The 4 Major Wireless Carriers Are Bringing LTE To The Subways Of Chicago

The subways of Chicago will having be having 4G LTE services soon. All four major wireless carriers in the United States -- AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon Wireless -- are working together to roll out a $32.5 million LTE upgrade to the Chicago subways. That will include 22 miles of subway tunnels under the Windy City. 


Most people think of Chicago's metro train system as the L train system (the L is short for elevated). But not many know that two of the Windy City's main lines actually go underground for about 20 stops when approaching the downtown area. 

Sprint Spark LTE Service Expands To 17 New Markets

Sprint recently announced that is has expanded its Spark LTE service to 17 new markets. Spark is the carrier's brand name for its enhanced 4G LTE service, which delivers wireless speeds of 50 mbps to 60 mbps, with potentially incrementing speeds over time. With its spectrum and technology, the carrier could eventually offer speeds of up to 2 Gbps. 


With this latest expansion, the coverage of Sprint Spark now reaches a total of 46 markets across the United States. Before the year ends, the LTE service coverage should serve over 100 million subscribers.


Page Plus Now Offering Access To Verizon’s 4G LTE Network

There have been rumors circulating that Page Plus, a prepaid mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) of Verizon Wireless, will be offering its subscribers access to the 4G LTE network of Verizon. 


Well, it turns out the rumors are true. It has not been announced yet through any of Page Plus's online channels, but the carrier's parent company, TracFone Wireless, has done the honors, confirming the news just recently.