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A Brief Summary Of What Transpired At Apple’s 2016 WWDC

A Brief Summary Of What Transpired At Apple’s 2016 WWDC

This year marks the 27th celebration of Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), and like what the tech giant has been doing for more than two decades now, it showcases the latest and coolest updates in the world of software for Mac and iOS users. This year’s WWDC has proven to be a rather busy affair -- here is the rundown.


iOS 10. Following the roll out of the beat for iOS 9.3.3, Apple took the opportunity to officially unveil iOS 10, the latest version of its iOS mobile operating system. This version promises lots of new cool features, including enhanced 3D Touch integration, a pickup to wakeup feature, in-notification replies, notification alerts that come with more details, easier and quicker access to mobile apps and widgets from the lock screen, and live video in notifications.


Serious Siri Improvements. Apple has come up with a Siri software developer’s kit (SDK) that should allow developers to integrate the digital assistant better into the apps they are creating. With this SDK, functionalities like in-app search, voice messaging inputs, image search, and payments could be included soon.


Apple Music. The tech giant’s music streaming subscription service gets a new look (as hinted earlier), and a vastly improved user experience. 


Maps. Apple gives maps a more intuitive interface, enhanced navigation, and CarPlay based turn by turn.


Photos. Apple has deployed object and scene recognition for Photos, and is making full use of artificial intelligence to group photos according to relevance. Slideshow movies can also be created, with automatic audio in the mix.


Apple News. After a redesign, it now features subscriptions and breaking news lock screen alerts. 


HomeKit. Apple is debuting Home, its own HomeKit app. This tool helps users have better control over devices and remote access, and it is compatible with the Apple Watch, too.


Messages. Developers have also been granted an application program interface (API) for Messages. Called iMessage apps, they will have a dedicated drawer for apps.


Swift Playgrounds. Swift Playgrounds is a new coding education mobile app launched by Apple, and it will be made available as a free download from the Apple App Store this coming autumn.


tvOS. Apple’s operating system for its Apple TV now has more mobile apps and partnerships, including Sling.


Rebranding OS X. Apple has decided to change the OS X’s brand to MacOS, with this latest version dubbed as Sierra. It comes with support for auto unlock via Apple Watch proximity, a shared clipboard with iOS, better storage by way of iCloud Drive, Apple Pay (for users who own iPhone devices), Tabs everywhere, and picture in picture.


WatchOS 3. WatchOS 3 now comes with upgrades such as better instant reply capabilities, scribble responses, and new, customizable watch faces.