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Twitter Launches Kiddie Version Of Vine

Twitter Launches Kiddie Version Of Vine

Twitter originally launched Vine, the popular short video sharing service, a couple of years ago. Now, the social media company is releasing a kid-friendly version of the popular app, aptly called Vine Kids.


Vine Kids is specifically targeted at children of ages 5 to 12 years old. The aim is to have a version of Vine that contains kid-centric video content such as animated videos, educational clips, and even footage from popular kiddie programs like Sesame Street.


Just like the original version of Vine, the videos on Vine Kids will be six seconds in length and will play on a loop. Children who use the app will be able to swipe towards the right in order to view the next Vine video. 


Users who want to view video content will not need to sign up for an account at Vine Kids. Those who plan to upload their own content will have to do so via their parents' Vine account.


To make sure that adult-oriented content will not be shown on Vine Kids, any cross-posting between the two Vine versions is prohibited. All videos that will be shown through Vine Kids are all screened and selected by Vine's team of editors. 


While not as big as YouTube or Instagram yet, Vine has increasingly become popular in the last year. Spurred by a number of creative Vine users who post entertaining and sometimes downright funny Vine videos, the service has a flourishing community of users and followers that grows by the minute. Of course, it was only a matter of time before a kiddie version of Vine was introduced. 


Interestingly, Google is also working on child-friendly versions of Chrome, YouTube, and its search engine, and it is looking at releasing them before the end of 2015.


And just like Google, Twitter and Vine will be required to comply with the rules set by the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act, especially with regards to protecting the privacy of kids as users. The Children's Online Privacy Protection Act was created in order to prevent corporations and businesses from acquiring sensitive information from children without verifiable consent provided by their parents.


Vine has been quick to promise that it will not be collecting any personal data from kids except information that is given to the app by the kids' parents, like names and email addresses.


The Vine Kids app is already available as a free download for iOS mobile devices from the App Store.