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DirecTV Offers $19.99 Bundle For New Customers

DirecTV Offers $19.99 Bundle For Naew Customers

In an effort to battle Dish Network’s launch of their $20-a-month OTT service, DirecTV is now offering a $19.99 bundle for new subscribers. DirecTV’s new online advertising campaign, “Dish’s Sling TV: Gamechanging or shortchanging?” is aimed toward new customers who find the $20-a-month price point attractive. In fact, this low monthly subscription price is now in direct competition with Internet or Online streaming services, and is certainly a price and package that traditional cable cannot offer at this time.


DirecTV’s traditional pay-TV package is offered to only select customers through its retail service and provides over 130 channels that includes major broadcast networks and premium channels However, it is only for new customers, leaving longtime subscribers to try to figure out ways to such as HBO, Cinemax, and Showtime for free for three months. 


Not for Current Subscribers


Of course, this leaves longtime customers fingering out how to lower their own monthly satellite bill. The $19.99 monthly bundle subscription is a promotional price only and subscribers will see a significant increase in their monthly bill, up to $50 per month in many cases, once they complete their first year of subscribing. In addition, the promotional price does not include DVR service or extra receivers. IP devices such as tablets are another thing entirely, due to the complexities and issues that surround TV Everywhere. These problems typically stem from other sources than DirecTV and their equipment, however. Wireless, modem, and Internet providers can help rectify these issues. 




No matter if you just want access to some cable channels or if you are after countless channels and the ability to watch television from almost anywhere, DirecTV has a package that will work for you. Currently, DirecTV offers six different subscription tiers, with each featuring a different number of channels so that just only pay for as much television as you wish. The larger the package, the higher the number of channels accessible and extra features. Of course, this is reflected as a bigger bill at the end of the month, as well.


DirecTV also allows the freedom to add select programming such as exclusive sports packages (NFL SUNDAY TICKET is the most popular) and premium movie networks like HBO. From DirecTV Choice to DirecTV Entertainment to DirecTV Xtra, there’s a package and price point for nearly every television watcher and every budget.


Tricks to Lower your DirecTV Bill


If you’ve enjoyed DirecTV for over a year, you’ve likely experienced that huge price increase that comes with the end of your promotional period. There are several ways to negotiate a lower bill if you are willing to take the time to haggle a bit with DirecTV customer service. First, phone customer service and threaten to cancel your service. No corporation wants to lose customers, even ones as huge as DirecTV. Once you reach the Retentions Department, let them know that you are dissatisfied with the service and that you are especially upset by the price you are now being charged. Add that you are now shopping other cable and satellite providers. Be bold and ask them straight away what they can offer to keep you as a customer. 


If you have been a customer for a while (six months or more) you’ll most likely be offered a $20 per month discount. The ball is now in your court. You can accept or counter. If you encounter an unflinching customer service representative, they may not offer money. Therefore, ask for freebies instead, such as free DVR rental or some premium channels for a period of time. 


If this doesn’t work out the way you’d planned, go ahead and request a cancellation date for your service, for several weeks out (so you can “install” a new service). This should promote them to reveal a “final offer” to keep you as a customer. Of course, as last resort, just call and let them know you’ve decided to stay, canceling your “cancellation.” 


Because discounts normally apply for between six months and one year, simply repeat this process again once you see an increase in your monthly bill. Therefore, just because you are no longer a new customer, you should not miss out on readily available discounts and promos that are available for those who know to ask.