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Visible makes plan changes

Visible made some changes to its phone plans over the week. Before the change, the Verizon Wireless-owned prepaid brand only had one standard plan: a $40 per month option. With the new change, they now offer a couple of unlimited plans.  

Firstly, Visible has reduced the $40 per month plan to $30. This plan is also now named ‘Visible’ plan and comes with the usual unlimited talk, text, data and hotspot for a single line. 

The other change that Visible made is the addition of a new plan called Visible Plus, which costs $45 per month. This plan comes with unlimited talk, text, 5G Ultra Wideband access, roaming coverage in Canada and Mexico, 50GB of premium network experience, and global calling to over 30 countries.

Taxes and fees are included in both plans. 

If you are an existing customer and you wish to change to either new plan, you will need to get a new SIM card to complete the transfer. Visible says this is because they have also upgraded its core network routing experience to accommodate the new plans. 

As for Party Pay discounts, a Reddit post shared that this will be going away by January 1, 2023. Visible will be grandfathering these discounts. Existing customers who switch to a new plan will lose their discount. Since you won’t be able to revert to the old plan, you won’t also be able to get a Party Pay discount again. 

For a limited time period, Visible is offering a $20 off on your next bill for your referrals. You can learn more about it here


Source: AndroidAuthority