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T-Mobile working with SpaceX for satellite network coverage

T-Mobile’s network coverage has greatly improved over the years. But despite the improvements and the availability of its 5G network, it cannot deny the fact that there are areas in the US that still don’t have cellular service. And this is what T-Mo plans to address real soon. 

True enough, T-Mobile has partnered with Elon Musk’s SpaceX. In an event held earlier, the two CEOs revealed their plans to launch a satellite that will make it possible for customers in remote areas to connect to T-Mo’s network. 

The CEOs hope that the service, called Coverage Above and Beyond, can be launched by late 2023. At that time, it will be able to support messaging, MMS, and select messaging apps. In the future, T-Mo plans to expand the service and include voice and data. Upon availability, this service will be available for free on T-Mo’s popular wireless plans. But for the lower-tiered plans, it can be purchased as an add-on. Eventually, T-Mobile wants to work with carriers from other countries to offer a global connection. 

By working together, Musk and Mike Sievert hope to put an end to mobile dead zones. 

You can read more about the launch here



Source: Wirefly