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T-Mobile introduces new T-Mobile WFX solutions


T-Mobile has been busy improving its services to its customers. And just recently, they have introduced its newest WFX Solutions as a way of helping improve the way people work from anywhere. 

T-Mobile WFX makes use of its 5G network. There are three products available under WFX: T-Mobile Home Office Internet, T-Mobile Collaboration, and T-Mobile Enterprise Unlimited. Here’s a deeper look at these new solutions:

T-Mobile Home Office Internet 

  • 4G/5G broadband for users to stay connected

  • Dedicated router that prioritizes access to employee devices and filters non-business content

  • Enterprise-grade protection that is more secure than personal Wi-Fi networks

  • Access to a nationwide network so businesses can cut loose the hodgepodge of regional ISPs and their inconsistent services

  • Simple, easy, cost-effective deployment with a T-Mobile router shipped directly to employees that they can install in minutes

  • Around-the-clock support from T-Mobile 

T-Mobile Home Office Internet lines start at $90/month.

T-Mobile Collaborate

  • Enterprise-grade phone system with cloud flexibility that replaces entire legacy business phone system, like old, expensive PBX

  • Video and voice conferencing that can host meetings in HD without PINs

  • Built-in AI with AI assistant that can take notes and follow up on action items

  • Built-in integration with workplace apps such as Microsoft 365

  • Fast, simple virtual installation

Enterprise Unlimited

  • Unlimited data at the same or better price compared to Verizon’s and AT&T’s limited, shared, pooled plans

  • 5G access on T-Mobile’s network

  • Certainty and peace of mind that you’ll never have to pay overages

  • True work-from-anywhere workforce because T-Mobile for Business plans come with smartphone mobile hotspot data

  • Grateful employees who no longer have to worry that they’ll hit their data limit before they finish their work

  • Ability to seize first-mover advantage on next-gen 5G innovations vs competitors trapped on last-gen plans and technology

Enterprise Unlimited with T-Mobile Collaborate lines start at $37/month per user.


To know more about T-Mobile WFX, visit this website.