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FirstNet users now have access to AT&T’s 5G+ network


AT&T shared some good news to first responders this week. 

According to their release, first responders using their FirstNet network will have access to their 5G millimeter wave (mmWave) network or 5G+. AT&T will be making 5G+ available to first responders based in 38 cities and over 20 venues.

What this means is that FirstNet users will have access to the higher 5G speed instead of its low-band spectrum. Despite this, users will still have always-on priority and preemption across LTE - Band 14 spectrum and AT&T’s commercial LTE spectrum bands.

Before the announcement, AT&T already made its mmWave spectrum available to first responders in Houston since there are plenty of beta users in the city. But it will soon be available to FirstNet users in 38 cities.  

The network provider will also be rolling out security upgrades on every cell tower across the country. This month alone, AT&T upgraded two cell towers based in Houston and Cleveland. They hope to achieve nationwide completion by Q1 2022. 

In order to enjoy AT&T’s 5G+ network, users will need to have a compatible device. The 5G service is available at no additional charge.