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Samsung Outfits Its Smart TVs With Samsung Pay

Samsung Outfits Its Smart TVs With Samsung Pay

Samsung is now attempting to make buyers of Smart TVs to pay for items via the tech giant’s own mobile payment system, Samsung Pay


This TV payment service will be called Samsung Pay on TV, and it will let owners of the South Korean company’s Smart TV to pay for items by way of a special version of Samsung Pay that is integrated into TVs. Similar to Apple Pay, Samsung Pay allows consumers to link a credit card or debit card with the payment system. Whenever consumers stumble upon an app, a game, or any other item, they can just select that item, press the Pay Now button, key in their security personal identification number (PIN), and the transaction is easily authorized.


As of now, Samsung is still testing its mobile payment system in its home country in South Korea. However, the company is scheduled to officially deploy Samsung Pay within this month for its two flagship devices, the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge smartphones, as well as its new handsets. 


Samsung Pay, obviously, will be facing some fierce competition, especially from Apple’s own mobile payment system. Apple Pay has already been rolled out to the iPhone 6 and also to the Apple Watch, Apple’s first and only wearable device so far. And then there is Google’s Android Pay, which would support most Android devices, not just those made by Samsung. 


But one can not discount the fact that Samsung is considered the world’s biggest seller of smartphones right now. If it launches Samsung Pay, and manages to bring it to every Samsung mobile device in across the globe, that is still a pretty expansive reach. 


And now, the company is reaching out to even more consumers via its Smart TVs. Samsung stated a week ago that it is expecting an increase in the demand for ultra high definition and big screen TVs in the second half of this year. Based on that, TVs seem like a perfectly good place for Samsung Pay to invade, too.


Samsung Pay supports not just credit cards and debit cards, but also PayPal and other mobile billing options. After users are done with the initial registration process, they can already quickly proceed to paying for games or in-app purchases. Speaking of in-app purchases, a number of initial game titles will support Samsung’s mobile payment system for in-app purchases. They include Gamefly Streaming, Buddy & Me, Deer Hunter, Eternal Warrior 3, Frontline Commando: DDAY, Golf Star, and Casino World Championship.


As for those who utilize Samsung Pay via their smartphones, they will also be able to transfer their account information and payment methods to their Smart TVs without having to register again.


The Samsung Pay on TV service will be first introduced in 32 countries on specific 2015 Samsung Smart TVs and 2014 Smart TVs.