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Introducing OnHub: Google’s Sleek Wi-Fi Router

Introducing OnHub: Google’s Wi-Fi Router For Internet-Savvy Homes

For several years now, Google has been attempting to turn common household things like television sets, speaker systems, and even smoke detectors into smart devices. This time around, the tech giant is turning its attention to Wi-Fi routers.


The company recently introduced OnHub, a new streamlined router that Google developed in collaboration with networking device manufacturer TP-Link. Priced at $200, the OnHub router is designed to ultimately help control and manage all other separate Internet connected gadgets and devices in the user’s home.


In most people’s minds, Wi-Fi routers are viewed as messy, uncool objects that are sometimes best hidden from plain sight. Thus, users often put them on the floor, behind the desk, or even on a dusty corner. But by trying to hide them, users often end up limiting the router’s signal. But with the OnHub router, Google is essentially trying to make a router that is nice to look at, specifically one that users will even put on full display alongside their TVs, or on top of living room furniture. 


As far as looks go, the OnHub router is certainly sleek. It features subtle blinking lights, and its antennas are cleverly housed inside its black (or dark blue) colored, cylinder shaped casing. And if users ever forget the Wi-Fi password, they just need to tap on the OnHub router and it will display the password.


The OnHub router is most definitely a welcome addition to Google’s other exploits in the area of making homes more smarter. For instance, there is Nest, the smart device manufacturer that the tech giant acquired last year for over $3 billion. Nest makes smart versions of a thermostat, smoke detector, and home video surveillance equipment. Also, in May earlier this year, Google unveiled a software platform called Brillo, which is designed to help coordinate smart devices built for homes, even those that do not feature display screens. 


Similar to other Nest devices, the OnHub can be controlled with the use of a smartphone app which can be installed on devices that run on Android (Google’s own mobile operating system) as well as iOS (particularly Apple’s iPhone devices). The router will be able to get regular software updates. The device will also inform users how much bandwidth their other smart home devices are using, and even helps home owners prioritize which devices get a faster web connection. 


Interested buyers can now preorder the OnHub router online from Google’s online store, Amazon, and The device should be made available in various retail stores in the United States and in Canada in the next few weeks.