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AT&T Launches First TV-Phone Plan Deal

AT&T Launches First TV-Phone Plan Deal

Big news is traveling down the wire as AT&T adds DirecTV to its arsenal of services for their customers. The culmination of these two media giants will result in benefits for both the company and the consumer.

Lowering Costs

For the Customer

Paying separate bills for cable, telephone, and internet can be a costly venture at the end of the month for consumers. AT&T is looking to ease the subscriber's budget pain with their new acquisition of DirecTV, which will offer all of these services from one provider with one single payment per month. These multiple media plans cost $200.00 per month for the first year. Other benefits to the consumer include such things as:

  • Service on up to four televisions
  • HD and DVR service on four televisions
  • Shareable 10GB of wireless data
  • Four phone lines
  • Unlimited talk
  • Unlimited text

When one compares the cost of each of these services individually, the total is far greater than the low pricing available by AT&T in this new bundle package with DirecTV. Under government regulation, there may be additional savings for families with low incomes.

For the Company

By acquiring the DirecTV programming, AT&T is able to expand their consumer base and reach more people in more places. By offering all-in-one packaging, AT&T will continue to increase their revenue with more and more consumers looking to lower their monthly bills or consolidate their media providers. Regardless of the reason for the customer increase, the joining of these media moguls will result in an increase in the bottom line for AT&T and exciting possibilities for the future of how consumers receive and send their information.

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Consumer Benefits

Customers from all different backgrounds of preferred media will benefit from this joining of forces. With the addition of satellite TV service, consumers will be able to enjoy additional programming, exclusive television broadcasts, and a nearly unlimited amount of entertainment right at their fingertips.

Company Benefits

With the addition of DirecTV, AT&T will be able to integrate the already established satellite company with U-verse, their ground based fiber-optic service. The addition of this satellite service for television programming will allow AT&T to reach more people in a larger number of markets, thus increasing their number of customers. This will also allow AT&T to bring their services to foreign countries via satellite where it was previously not available.


For the Consumer

This multi-media forum will translate into savings for the consumer in the form of lower monthly payments, greater media content, and the ability to use a number of devices to gain access to the internet, telephone, and television. The bundling of these services saves the consumer not only monetarily, but it saves them time by not having to deal with sending out separate payments for each of these services, dealing with multiple companies for consumer services, and having to have access to separate devices for individual services.

For the Company

What this endeavor saves the company is worth more than paper money. What they gain in savings involves such things as value in expert development, set-up, and acquiring an additional strong customer base. Joining the vision and popularity of DirecTV to the already established AT&T services, gives AT&T an advantage in the ever growing world of television viewing online and viewing or streaming on other devices.


For the Consumer

The joining of DirecTV with AT&T is exciting news to television lovers. With the ability to have all of the major venues for communication available to the public on one mobile device is a game changing aspect for many who have the need to know the latest in breaking news, sports, finance, or airing television premiere. Subscribers will never miss an important event, show, or telephone call again because of the need for separate devices.

For the Company

Being able to deliver all of these components to their customers in one convenient package will bring DirecTV customers to AT&T, and vice versa. The incredibly huge audience of DirecTV will give AT&T an additional platform to advertise their internet, telephone, and television bundling plan to an incredibly diverse and ever growing group of media savvy consumers.

When it comes to big time entertainment, the addition of DirecTV to AT&T's services is sure to open the doors to a new way of viewing television. The lower cost, additional content, availability, and overall savings to the consumer promises to make this venture a lucrative deal for both the consumer and AT&T. Entertainment seekers from everywhere will reap the benefits of this business venture.