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MasterCard Mobile App To Facilitate Payments Via Selfies

It may sound crazy, but it is actually already in the works. MasterCard is currently developing a mobile that will let users pay for products or services with a selfie. 


The credit card company is indeed working on a mobile app that makes extensive use of facial recognition software for the purpose of verifying the identity of users when facilitating payments. Basically, users download the app onto their mobile device, and then be able to pay for stuff by simply pointing their mobile device’s camera to their face, and then blinking once. 


Samsung’s Own Mobile Payment System To Challenge Apple Pay Soon

It was bound to happen. Apple Pay may have ignited the mobile payment system revolution when it launched last year, but there was no doubt that some other player will challenge its dominance.


Introducing Twitter Offers, A New Commerce Product From Twitter

Twitter recently announced that it is currently testing a new commerce product called Twitter Offers. Two months ago in September, the social networking company had introduced its first commerce product -- a BUY button that lets users buy items directly through tweets. Twitter Offers is a welcome addition to the company's commerce lineup. Targeting business entities who want to advertise via Twitter, Twitter Offers will allow companies to offer cashback rewards through their tweets, and those rewards will link directly with the debit and credit cards of consumers.


Apple Pay: Things You Need To Know

Rumors are circulating that Apple Pay is about to go live any day now. Indeed, early reports are suggesting that employees of both Apple Stores and Walgreens are being prepped for Apple Pay's launch date, which could be any day this week. Apparently, Apple's employees are now being trained on the Apple Pay process (how to set up accounts, how to process transactions). Moreover, a Walgreens memo had recently leaked -- in the internal document, the drugstore chain is advising its employees that Apple Pay will be launching later within the week. 


MyRatePlan Launches New Credit Card Comparison Tool

We've completely overhauled our credit card comparison tool and the new and improved tool is now live. The new MyRatePlan Credit Card tool is unique in that it allows users to input usage behavior and spending habits, and then uses custom algorithms to calculate savings/earnings for each card so that customers can choose the best card for them. Our algorithms take into account rewards points, cash back, bonuses, and all other benefits that credit cards offer in order to display an accurate savings dollar amount so people know how much each card woud benefit them.

The Best Balance Transfer Credit Cards, Winter 2013

It's a New Year, and with the dawn of a New Year usually comes a slew of new credit card offers. In this week's credit card article, we break down the best new balance transfer credit cards of this winter, 2013.

Discover Launches New Line of Discover it Credit Cards

Discover, one of the major credit card companies, has pulled their Discover More line of credit cards from the market, and launched a new line of credit cards called the Discover it cards.

Benefits and Exceptions of Credit CARD Act of 2009

The first phase of credit card legislation signed by President Obama on May 22 took effect yesterday, August 20, with the remaining provisions going live February 22, 2010.

Helping you Save: Consolidate Debt


  1. Get a 0% APR balance transfer credit card
  2. Transfer high interest balances
  3. Don’t use this new card for other purchases

Credit Card Interest Rates Drop Again

The Federal Reserve sharply cut the Fed Funds Rate by 0.75% earlier this week, leading to a corresponding decrease in the prime rate. Most credit card interest rates are tied to the prime rate, so carrying a balance on these cards just got a lot cheaper.

If you don't have a variable rate credit card, now might be a good time to check one out.