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Spotify Now Has 70 Million Paying Customers

Spotify Now Has 70 Million Paying Customers

Big congratulations are in order for Spotify recently as they have reached an important milestone in their company. The music streaming company took to Twitter to announce that they have already reached 70 million paying subscribers. The company also announced that they had a net of 10 million members in a span of five months. 

Of course, this is an anticipated win for Spotify, who already surpassed the 60 million mark towards the end of July. And even though there seems to be an imminent threat from its competitors like Apple Music, Spotify has managed to preserve its wide lead. In September, the company announced they had over 30 million subscribers who paid for their service. 

Shortly after this, the company acquired Soundtrap in November. This acquisition allowed the company to shake up its video and podcast strategy after a change in leadership. It seemed to be a wise decision for the company though as they took the necessary steps to become a publicly traded company. And with this change, it could mean that Spotify is getting ready to launch some new features. 

One such change noticed by Music Ally was that Spotify has changed up how they display images when a song is being played. Regularly, Spotify would display a static image that is related to the song being played. But as noted by the information service website, Spotify featured a looped video on the background instead of displaying the usual artwork. They noticed the video when they played Superorganism’s “Everybody Wants To Be Famous” song. The story was picked up and confirmed by several Engadget reporters. According to them, the video plays throughout the entire song. 

When Spotify was asked about this, a spokesperson for the company declined by saying they had nothing to announce at the time. As it looks right now, this video feature could just be a test run. So far, the other songs under the New Music Friday US playlist do not come with a video when being played. In addition to this, the feature does not look like it is being made available on the desktop app right now. 

Perhaps, indeed, this is just a test that Spotify is experimenting on. This could be a way for the music streaming company to draw in more users to sign up for service and even turn into a paying subscriber. But if this turns out to be the next feature Spotify will release, it could very well be the push they need to convert their subscribers into paying customers. For now, the company is enjoying the wide lead it has over its rivals.