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T-Mobile’s New Promo May Be Best iPhone 6s Deal Yet

Apple’s two new recently unveiled iPhone models -- the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus -- will officially go on sale this Friday, September 25th in stores all over the world.

Sprint Chairman: Network Quality In US Is Bad

Masayoshi Son is not only the chief executive officer of Japanese wireless carrier SoftBank. He also happens to serve as the chairman of Sprint. And during a recent quarterly conference call with industry watchers, Son had expressed some criticism of the current state of the quality of the wireless network in the United States, specifically calling out American wireless carriers for providing “very bad” network.


Here Comes Jump On Demand: T-Mobile’s New Upgrade-3-Times-A-Year Program

T-Mobile just recently boosted its existing Jump! smartphone upgrade program by introducing a brand new version that lets customers upgrade to a new handset multiple times in a span of twelve months.


Google’s Project Fi Could Pave Way For Cable Companies To Realize Their Wireless Ambitions

Project Fi, Google's wireless service, could potentially change the mobile industry. But perhaps in a totally unexpected way.


Just a week ago, the search giant announced that it was collaborating with major wireless carriers T-Mobile and Sprint in introducing Project Fi, a new wireless service that easily switches between 4G LTE cellular networks and Wi-Fi connections. 


Your Guide To Choosing An Early Upgrade Plan For The Samsung Galaxy S6

So you want to get your hands on Samsung's newest flagship device, the Galaxy S6 smartphone? But you are already planning ahead to get the next flagship handset from the South Korean phone maker next year? You might do well to avail of an early upgrade plan. But which one to choose? Here is a quick guide.


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T-Mobile To Team Up With Cable Company?

During T-Mobile's first quarter conference held just recently, John Legere, chief executive officer of the major wireless carrier, talked about the topic of industry consolidation, and even hinted at a possible merger between his company and a cable company.


AT&T Not Chasing After Customers As Carrier Price Wars Subside

After a very competitive holiday period in which wireless carriers in the United States threw seemingly endless promos after promos, it seems that the price war in between network providers are beginning to subside. Indeed, we have seen some carriers raising back their fees and ending their special offers.


John Stephens, Chief Financial Officer of AT&T, certainly agrees. According to Stephens, the field of competition in the wireless industry seems to have stabilized and he expresses confidence about AT&T's chances of competing in the next quarter or so. 

Verizon, T-Mobile Have Most Consistent 4G Service, Per RootMetrics Tests

RootMetrics is a company that does testing on wireless network performance independently. The mobile network tester has recently finished its latest round of tests evaluating network speed and reliability, and it has found out that the best overall wireless service provider is Verizon Wireless. 


Why Do People Switch From One Wireless Carrier To Another?

The reason may be the quality of network. Or maybe the cost. But the fact of the matter is: consumers do switch from one mobile carrier to another. But if you think that people are doing because they are not happy with the customer service, you may be wrong. At least according to recent surveys conducted by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP)


T-Mobile Announces Data Stash, A Rollover Program For Unused Data

T-Mobile recently introduced a new program called Data Stash. This program basically lets users roll over data that is unused every month, and then give them the option of using the unused data for up to one year if they go over their regular data plan in any given billing cycle.