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T-Mobile Goes Unlimited for $59.99; Simplifies Cell Phone Plans

T-Mobile completely overhauled their cell phone plans today, droppping 'myFaves' and simplifying to just 3 plans each for individual and family plans.   The highlight is a new low-water price point for contract unlimited voice service -- just $59.99 for one line and $99.99 for a two-line family plan.    All plans include unlimited mobile-to-mobile and free nights and weekends.    On a per-line basis, unlimited text messaging is $10.00.  The optional data feature is an addit

T-Mobile Improves Rate Plans

T-Mobile has launched a number of improvements to its single and family calling plans, including its very popular myFaves plans. Already offering an attractive number of minutes at each price point (vs. its national competitors AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon), these changes further separate it from the pack.

T-Mobile Launches $50 Unlimited Retention Plan

According to RCR News (subscription may be required to read), T-Mobile is now offering a $50 unlimited calling plan to all existing customers who have been with them for 22 months or longer.   No additional contract extension is required. 

A Caution about T-Mobile myFaves

Earlier this fall, T-Mobile introduced a series of myFaves rate plans, providing unlimited calling to any 5 numbers that the subscriber selects. These numbers need not be T-Mobile subscribers, nor do they have to be cell phone numbers.

Sounds good right?

For those that call a few people frequently, these plans may save money. However, for most, we would recommend sticking with one of the traditional T-Mobile plans (those without myFaves in the name). Two reasons:

Coming Soon: Cellular + WiFi Phones

Later this year, T-Mobile is expected to roll out plans for a new generation of cell phones, ones that work on both cellular networks and the Internet (via wireless / WiFi connectivity). The idea is that when a person is in a WiFi area, they will use the Internet for their voice calls; saving their plans's anytime cellular minutes for when they are in an area where a connection isn't available. The incremental charge for this service, beyond the cellular plan cost, will likely be pretty nominal.

T-Mobile Cuts Prices

This year has seen a number of 'stealth' price increases by the largest wireless carriers. The stealth part comes in because the way the carriers have done this is by reducing the number of plan options. For example, Cingular & Verizon have nothing between 450 and 900 minutes. Since many people fall inbetween there, the choice is to take the lower plan ($40) and pay overage, or the higher plan for $60 a month. The net effect is higher average bills.