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FCC Releases Yearly Report On Mobile Competition; Still No Conclusion

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has officially released its yearly report on the state of competition in the United States mobile industry. Just like before, the agency has refused to make a definite conclusion, as reported by Broadcasting & Cable.

Big Four Wireless Carriers Finish Bottom In Consumer Reports’ Satisfaction Ratings

Verizon Wireless, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint may be considered the four biggest wireless carriers in the United States in terms of size of customer base and vastness of network coverage. But when it comes to customer satisfaction, the Big Four’s performance leaves much to be desired. Well, at least according to the results of Consumer Reports’ latest survey.

T-Mobile CEO: BlackBerry Is On A Comeback


T-Mobile Subscribers Now Get Twice The Data At No Extra Charge

The third biggest wireless carrier in the United States just announced during its Uncarrier X event held in Los Angeles, California that it will be giving its customers twice the data at no additional fees whatsoever. This means that subscribers who availed of T-Mobile plans that previously offered 1 gigabyte, 3 gigabytes, or 5 gigabytes of high speed data, now get 2 gigabytes, 6 gigabytes, or 10 gigabytes of high speed data, respectively.

Your Guide To Spotting Cheap Smartphone Deals Not Promoted (Much) By Carriers

Every wireless carrier out there likes to promote their deals because obviously, they want mobile users to go for their services and one up the competition. But if customers look hard enough, they can actually spot some hidden smartphone deals that are actually pretty good and are ripe for the picking. Where can one find these deals? Here’s a primer.




Sprint Introduces New $40 Unlimited Data Plan, But Is It Really Unlimited?

This Halloween, Sprint has announced brand new wireless plans, and is even incorporating unlimited 2G data to its Family Share Packs. Beginning October 30th of this year, the wireless carrier is offering a new $20 plan dubbed the Sprint Starter Unlimited Data Plan, wherein subscribers will get to enjoy 1 gigabyte of LTE high speed data every month, including unlimited 2G data, plus the choice of buying more high speed data any time they like.


Is T-Mobile Planning A Video Streaming Service That Does Not Affect The User’s Data?

The third largest wireless carrier in the United States may be about to offer its sweetest offer yet -- there are reports that T-Mobile is planning to allow its subscribers to take advantage of unlimited data when streaming select video services, such as those provided by HBO and Netflix. This piece of information was leaked by no other than Evan Blass via a tweet


US Mobile Makes Changes To Voice, Data Pricing Structure

US Mobile is a T-Mobile mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) that lets its customers create their own wireless smartphone plans. The carrier makes this possible by offering a “choose your own” setup wherein customers can just select specific tiers for their voice calling, text messaging, and data usage needs. This setup is certainly ideal for some customers, especially those who like to be flexible when it comes to their monthly wireless requirements. 


How T-Mobile Can Take Advantage Of Next Year’s Wireless Auction

There is a government auction of wireless spectrum scheduled for 2016, and T-Mobile may have found itself in a very unique position to take advantage of it. For the last couple of years, the wireless carrier, as well as fellow network provider Sprint and other regional operators, were lobbying the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to reserve some spectrum for smaller players (i.e.

Sprint’s $1 A Month iPhone 6s Deal May Even Be Better Than T-Mobile’s

Sprint just announced a new promo in which the wireless carrier is offering the 16 gigabyte edition of Apple’s new iPhone 6s for just $1 a month.