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Here’s why you won’t be able to change your T-Mobile SIM for now

For an unknown time period, you won’t be able to do any T-Mobile SIM swap changes on your own. This means you won’t be able to change your SIM card via online or the app. And this is for good reason. 

As The T-Mo Report revealed, this is because the Un-carrier is currently making some changes to ensure the safety of its customers. 

The information was found on a (now-deleted) Reddit post and was also confirmed by the publication. The Un-carrier will be “implementing extra security measures around SIM changes.” As a result, self-service SIM swaps won’t be available “until further notice.”

If you need to have your SIM swapped, you will have to do it via a physical retail store. You can also contact customer care to get the help you need. 

This is a good effort by T-Mobile since major carriers continue to deal with SIM swap fraud. By making these changes, customers can get the protection they need against this type of fraud. 



Source: The T-Mo Report