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T-Mobile, Sprint Get To Benefit With FCC’s Vote To Reform Special Access Lines

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has voted (3 to 2) to proceed with reforms of special lines. This move by the FCC looks to be beneficial to a couple of major US wireless carriers -- T-Mobile and Sprint -- and may even preempt price hikes in light of the upcoming commercial deployment of 5G networks.


Wells Fargo: T-Mobile Only Major Network To Register Postpaid Net Phone Gains In 1st Quarter

According to analysts of Wells Fargo Securities, T-Mobile is looking to be the only major US wireless carrier to post some growth in postpaid net phone additions during the first quarter of this year. Wells Fargo predicts that the third biggest wireless carrier in the United States will register 1.4 million net new users, marking a 12th straight quarter in which it managed over 1 million net additions.


HTC 10 Smartphone To Be Offered By Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint; But Not By AT&T

HTC has officially announced its newest flagship device, the HTC 10. As can be expected of any major smartphone release from the Taiwanese phone maker, the HTC is a high end smartphone offering with plenty of impressive specifications and features. But in an incredibly competitive Android smartphone market, it is somewhat puzzling that HTC’s latest high profile device will be offered by only three of the Big Four wireless carriers in the United States.

So What’s With The New iPad Pro’s Embedded SIM Card?

During its March 21 event, not only did Apple introduce a new smaller iPhone (the iPhone SE), it also announced to the world a fresh take on the iPad Pro tablet device it debuted last year.

So Where Can You Pre-Order Samsung’s Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 Edge?

You may have already heard by now that Samsung has finally formally introduced its flagship devices for this year. A day before the annual Mobile World Congress is set to start in the city of Barcelona in Spain, the South Korean tech giant has unveiled its Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge devices.

Mobile Video Spurs T-Mobile’s Third Straight Quarter Of 2 Million Plus New Customers

Just this week, the third biggest wireless carrier in the United States announced that it had posted its third consecutive quarter of having gained more than 2 million new subscribers. Indeed, for the final quarter of 2015, T-Mobile has added 2.1 million total new subscribers. This growth also contributed in racking up quarterly earnings of $297 million, or $0.34 per share, for the wireless carrier, surpassing the expectations set by Wall Street analysts. 


Xiaomi and Meizu Phones Coming To America By Way Of US Mobile

As far as mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) go, US Mobile is not even that popular. Sure, it uses T-Mobile’s network in delivering its mobile phone services, but other than that, many would think of the wireless carrier something that is not a household name. Well, this little MVNO just became the first ever wireless carrier in the United States to sell smartphones produced by Chinese phone makers Xiaomi and Meizu.

PTel, Including Its Giv Mobile Brand, To Shut Down Effective January 30

Here is some rather unpleasant news for certain mobile users -- PlatinumTel (PTel) has decided to end its mobile service operations effective on January 30th of this year. As a direct result of the wireless carrier shutting down, its mobile brand, Giv Mobile, will also cease offering wireless services by January 31st of this year. 


FCC’s Upcoming Airwave Auction May Yield Less Cash Than Expected

The Federal Communications Commission is planning to conduct an auction of previously TV owned airwaves, to be bid upon by various wireless carriers looking to enhance their mobile network coverage. But due to recent slow growth in the wireless industry, as well as the ongoing price wars, some carrier bidders are rather cash strapped at the moment. This could mean that the money generated from the upcoming auction could fail to meet the expected yield. 


A Guide To Disabling T-Mobile’s Binge On Service

In November of last year, T-Mobile first introduced its new Binge On feature. Basically, this service allows the wireless carrier’s subscribers to stream video content (from a formidable list of content providers that include names such as Netflix, Hulu, and HBO, among many others) without having to worry about their data allowances getting affected.