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T-Mobile lets you save 50% on your plan for three months

In terms of helping its customers during this pandemic, T-Mobile is one brand that has done its fair share of help. Not only have they waived cancellations and late fees, they have also unveiled an affordable $15 per month plan. Now, it looks like they are offering a 50% discount on the monthly bill of those who need it the most. 

T-Mobile’s brings back Third Line On Us deal, giving away free LG G Pad 5

T-Mobile is currently running a few promotions for both new and existing customers. 

Here is a quick rundown of the latest promotions and deals that are difficult to ignore:

Meet the New T-Mobile

T-Mobile and Sprint have successfully merged into a new company called the New T-Mobile. 

Wireless networks have started borrowing spectrum to improve network capacity

Now that so many people are turning to work from home, cellular networks will likely see an increase in traffic. This is caused by the sheer volume of users who want to stay connected with their loved ones around the world. To make sure that the networks continue to work smoothly, some carriers have already made the initiative to get extra spectrum. 

T-Mobile sends out alerts for latest security breach

T-Mobile has just been hit by a data breach attack. 

Big four US carriers will be fined by the FCC

The big four US carriers appear to be in big trouble with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Earlier this week, the government agency announced that it will be fining the four wireless networks a total of over $200 million for selling customer location data. 

T-Mobile hints at new Un-carrier announcement soon

T-Mobile is planning to make a big Un-carrier move real soon. 

In its Q4 2019 earnings call, CEO John Legere teased about a new announcement that they plan to make later in the quarter. Unfortunately, that’s all that T-Mobile shared about this. The CEO did not give any further information on what its announcement will be. 

FCC votes to approve T-Mobile and Sprint proposed merger

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has finally made its decision on the pending T-Mobile and Sprint merger. 

According to sources, the government agency has voted to approve the merger between the two carriers. 

T-Mobile offering 30-day free hotspot test drive, launching eSIM support for postpaid users

T-Mobile seems to be doing its best to entice customers to switch over to their network. For starters, the company has launched a free 30-day hotspot Test Drive offer exclusively for non-T-Mobile customers to experience their network. Another way the company is expanding eSIM support to its postpaid users. Here is more information on the carrier’s latest initiatives: 

T-Mobile offering 3rd line for free to new and current subscribers


T-Mobile is running a promotion that’s great for those who plan to get a family or group plan.

Earlier today, T-Mobile unveiled that it will be giving a free third line to both new and existing customers. This promotion is called “2019 Sprint Into Summer 3rd Line on Us” and is currently available in all T-Mobile retail locations and on their website.