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Tello Enters The MVNO Market With “No Fees, Whatsoever” Mobile Service Offering


The mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) market is already a very competitive one, but with the arrival of Tello, the competition is sure to go up a notch. So how will this new mobile carrier be able to manage? Well, it turns out Tello has plenty up its sleeve, starting with a “No Fees, Whatsoever” branding that just might attract throngs of mobile users eager to sign up for even more affordable wireless plan options.

Report: Drug users are using wearable devices during binges

First of all, drug use is never a good idea. Secondly, taking full advantage of the features of today’s wearable devices during drug binges is also a very bad thing to do. But apparently, a number of people are using popular wearables like the Apple Watch and those made by Fitbit to attempt to keep safe while doing drugs.

Spotify allows Android users to reorder playlists; Pandora lets users share tunes to Snapchat Stories

Yup, we all love hitting the shuffle play button when we listen to playlists offered by Spotify. But there are times when you just want to hear Popsicle’s Histrionics as the first song for that otherwise perfect playlist. Thankfully, Spotify is actually already doing something about it. Some may remember that late last month, the music streaming giant had revealed that its mobile app was soon including a feature that would allow listeners to edit the order of the songs in a playlist. Well, true to its promise, Spotify has recently started rolling out this said feature. 

WhatsApp combats fake news with a new forwarded label

In the digital information age, it makes sense to make a firm stand against fake news, especially now that the spread of inaccurate information can mean the difference between life or death for people or certain communities. 

FCC: Today’s improving mobile networks can impact healthcare costs

Yup, the wireless industry and healthcare are two distinct sectors, but recent advances in how mobile services are delivered by providers might just play a significant role in determining the costs of healthcare services and even their outcomes. At least this appears to be what the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is starting to notice. 

Did Apple Music already overtake Spotify in America?

Perhaps because Spotify was already deep into the music streaming business way before Apple Music entered into the competition, the former is enjoying a sizable lead against the former, especially in terms of the total volume of their respective customer bases.

Mobile addiction: Are social media brands part of the problem?

According to some tech industry insiders, social media platforms themselves are making a conscious effort to get consumers to spend too much time on the world wide web and their mobile devices.

Charter quietly launches website for Spectrum Mobile

The number three cable TV service provider in the United States, Charter, has launched the official website of its upcoming mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) brand -- Spectrum Mobile -- albeit quietly.

Apple Maps being rebuilt using Apple’s own data

Apple Maps is already around six years old, but back when it made its debut in 2012, it had to go through lots of issues and even criticism from casual consumers and hardcore tech enthusiasts. While it is true that the navigation service and mobile mapping app has since huge leaps in improvement, it appears that Apple is still not content.

Instagram Stories now allows users to add songs; Meanwhile, Instagram Lite debuts

Fresh from announcing that it had reached a billion active users on a monthly basis and introducing a new IGTV video uploading service more than a week ago, Instagram is now allowing its users to add their favorite tunes to their Stories.