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Tello Enters The MVNO Market With “No Fees, Whatsoever” Mobile Service Offering

Tello Enters The MVNO Market With “No Fees, Whatsoever” Mobile Service Offering


The mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) market is already a very competitive one, but with the arrival of Tello, the competition is sure to go up a notch. So how will this new mobile carrier be able to manage? Well, it turns out Tello has plenty up its sleeve, starting with a “No Fees, Whatsoever” branding that just might attract throngs of mobile users eager to sign up for even more affordable wireless plan options.

An MVNO that uses major wireless carrier Sprint’s network, Tello basically adopts up a no-fuss approach to mobile services, making a deliberate decision to offer plans that come with zero activation fees, overage charges, or contracts. Moreover, Tello aims to bring as much flexibility as possible to its customers, allowing users to design their own wireless plans according to their specific mobile needs. And even though mobile users are free to construct their own packages, Tello also offers ready options for those who prefer pre-structured plans, e.g. an “Economy” mobile plan costing $9 a month that comes with a hundred minutes of voice calls, 200 text messages, and 200 megabytes of LTE; a “Data Savvy” plan costing $55 a month that offers 500 minutes of voice calls, zero text messages, and 5 gigabytes of LTE data. It should be noted though that Tello throttles down data speeds to 64 kbps whenever customers go beyond their monthly allowances. Adding to Tello’s peerless flexibility is the fact that it also offers Pay As You Go options for national and international calls, text messaging, and data. Certainly not bad for somebody just entering into the MVNO market.

In the United States, the MVNO market is packed with so many players offering their own respective budget friendly deals. What makes Tello different though is its focus on making the whole process of availing of a mobile plan as simple and convenient as possible. For example, with Tello, customers can freely customize their mobile plans according to their specific needs, and they can do so easily with the use of an online dashboard via Tello’s official website. This dashboard is designed to provide an easy to use menu containing various options for voice call minutes, number of text messages, and data offerings. And if users need any help assembling their dream mobile plan, Tello’s customers service staff is ready to provide assistance 24/7.

Customers who sign up at Tello can bring in their own unlocked CDMA handset absolutely free of charge. Or, they can choose to buy from more than a dozen smartphones offered by Tello, with prices ranging from $66 to $439.

True to its “No Fees, Whatsoever” mantra, Tello offers no activation fees, overage fees, processing fees, or early termination fees. Also, customers can always upgrade, downgrade, renew, or even terminate their wireless plans without ever worrying about dealing with extra fees.