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YouTube Music gets re-launched; Plus, a new music detection feature, and the royal wedding

YouTube Music gets re-launched; Plus, a new music detection feature, and the royal wedding

This week has been a busy one for the world’s most popular source of online video content. Indeed, not only did YouTube start testing an incognito mode, its YouTube TV app also now sports a new voice remote feature. Apparently, Google is not done yet with regards to changes and updates to its multi-media brand.

First off is the news that YouTube is relaunching its YouTube Music offering. Specifically, it has now been rebranded as a $10 per month membership plan that puts more emphasis on delivering music (as opposed to music videos). On top of that, Google has also decided to overhaul the YouTube Red’s ad free paywalled video offering, and transform it into YouTube Premium. The recasted tier though is now a couple of bucks more expensive than before.

Speaking of music, it is generally known that not all videos that are posted on YouTube provide information with regards to the audio track being used in the background. Sometimes, videos serve as great gateways for discovering new music or a fresh artist, but it is such a bummer to stumble upon a video with a really cool music track, but can not find any information about the song being used.

Thankfully, YouTube is rolling out a new feature that is aptly called “Music in this video” and it should help viewers determine which artist is responsible for that really cool tune being used in that vacation video they just watched a moment ago. Whenever users watch a video, they can just click the “Show more” option beneath the clip, and then find information about the song title, artist, and even a link to the music video or artist’s YouTube channel.

Meanwhile, for those eagerly awaiting the wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, they might be delighted to know that they will be able to stream the event live on YouTube, specifically on the royal family’s YouTube channel. The exact schedule of the live streaming will be this Saturday at 12 noon United Kingdom time, or 7 AM Eastern Time or 4 AM Pacific Time. 

The live streaming of the Prince Harry and Meghan Markle nuptials will cover the wedding procession, the marriage ceremony at Windsor Castle, and other events throughout the day. It goes without saying that for those who can not find time to watch the live streaming, they can always watch the footage at another time.