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A quick guide to the new features and improvements of Dropbox’s apps

A quick guide to the new features and improvements of Dropbox’s apps

In a recent blog post, Dropbox took the opportunity to talk about the latest features and enhancements found on its mobile apps for the Android and iOS platforms. The company noted that the newest round of improvements put more emphasis on allowing users to keep in sync with their teams or colleagues even while in the field. 

Now to the new features. First off is the introduction of file activity. With this particular functionality, the user will be able to check which other people have read, edited, or shared files from his Dropbox. In case somebody else has shared a user’s file, it will also display the intended recipients (that is, the people the file is shared to). While it is true that the web version of Dropbox already shows this information, the company’s decision to have this feature also made available in mobile should please those who are always on the go but want to track who or how their files are being accessed, edited, or shared.

On iOS mobile devices, Dropbox has also redesigned its comments set up -- this time around, the interface is made more easy to browse and interact with. For instance, when a user views a file preview, a text box will appear automatically on the bottom section of the screen. This text box allows people to quickly add comments to the file, as opposed to shifting to another separate view (which can be a hassle when one is only trying to add comments). According to Dropbox, the improvements should help make the process of sharing files become more seamless and more importantly, more accessible for users. 

Still on the iOS version of Dropbox -- exploring images and video content on Apple devices has now been made more simplified. There is the new gallery view mode, which as its name suggests, shows photos and videos the same way as other familiar photos apps (like the iOS photos app or Google Photos).

With regards to file organization, Dropbox now places files that have been most recently opened at the top section of the Home screen (reminiscent of how Google Drive displays its Recents). On top of that, users can now favorite files and even rank them according to importance -- for example, putting the most pressing ones on the top of the list. This can prove handy especially when a user is launching the Dropbox app, which means he can quickly go to the most important files right away.

And last but not the least -- in mobile, users can now drag and drop files from an email message directly into a Dropbox folder. To know more about the new features and improvements, head to Dropbox’s official blog now.