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Verizon Joins AT&T and Begins Offering a Quad-Play Bundle

Verizon and many other cable, internet, and home phone service companies have been offering double-play and triple-play bundles for years. These bundles allow consumers to combine TV, home phone service, and high-speed Internet into one package in order to save money. Starting this week, however, Verizon is now offering a quad-play bundle that will not only include cable TV, home phone service, and broadband Internet, but will also allow customers to bundle their wireless phone service in as well. Verizon claims that customers can potentially save between $59 and $179 each year by bundling all four services together.

Verizon's new quad-play deal will allow current Verizon FiOS and Verizon DSL Internet customers to include wireless phone service in their current packages. The base Verizon quad-play package will start at $135 per month and will include wireless and home phone service, high-speed Internet, and cable television. While new to Verizon, quad-play packages are not new to the industry. AT&T has been offering a quad-play package for a while. It should be noted, however, that Verizon's quad-play bundle is currently targeted at US customers in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions only. Before making a decision, be sure to explore bundled services from a variety of service providers.