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Avis and Continental Join Forces to Introduce Keyless Car Rentals

How do you modernize car rental services? For Avis Budget Group, Inc. and Continental, you do it by making the whole car rental process 100 percent keyless, and taking full advantage of perhaps the most ubiquitous electronic gadget existing today -- the smartphone.

Verizon Joins AT&T and Begins Offering a Quad-Play Bundle

Verizon and many other cable, internet, and home phone service companies have been offering double-play and triple-play bundles for years. These bundles allow consumers to combine TV, home phone service, and high-speed Internet into one package in order to save money. Starting this week, however, Verizon is now offering a quad-play bundle that will not only include cable TV, home phone service, and broadband Internet, but will also allow customers to bundle their wireless phone service in as well.

Painless Ways to Save Money: Rental Cars

This is the first of a series.   There’s no shortage of advice out there telling us how to save money.  However, much of it is along the lines of “give up your latte” or “don’t go out to eat”.  Great, I’m already depressed enough about the economy and now they want me to drink nasty coffee.

We decided to come up with a different list.  Ways to save money without having to change your lifestyle.   These are better ways to spend your money or equivalent products that are cheaper.   The goal:    To have the things you have today, only to spend less to have them.