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Verizon Wireless adding new concierge service, NFL+ to +play

This week, Verizon was in the spotlight as the company announced new changes that are coming up for Big Red customers. 

To start with, the company is welcoming a new concierge service that they will be releasing on a trial period. The other change is the new NFL+ service that will be added on Verizon +play platform.

Concierge Service

Verizon’s Chief Operating Officer for the Consumer Group, Krista Bourne, announced that the new concierge service will be available to customers who need help setting up a new phone or a secondary device. 

It will cost either $30 or $35, which will depend on the level of service required. 

In an interview with Fierce Wireless, the executive said that this concierge service will be a “pilot in just a handful of stores today.” They will be testing if “there’s a customer appetite” for the service. 

Once they are ready to launch the service, they will announce its final price. It will likely be available in 2023.


The other addition that Verizon announced this week is that they will be offering NFL+ on its +play subscription management platform.

Right now, the platform is not yet available to all users since it is still undergoing trials. But they plan to make it available “later this year.”

You can learn more about NFL+ here.   



Source: Fierce Wireless, Verizon