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US Mobile increases data allotment on two plans


US Mobile has just revealed its latest update to two of the plans it offers. Customers will be pleased to know that these two plans now come with more data allotment. 

The two plans that the MVNO updated today include the following:

  • $15/month plan - now comes with unlimited calls, texts, and 3.5GB of high-speed data (was 2.5GB)

  • $30/month plan - now comes with unlimited calls, texts, and 30GB of high-speed data (was 10GB)

Taxes and fees are not yet included and will cost extra. 


Out of the two, the $30/month plan seems to be a really awesome deal. The updated data is more than double the allotment on the plan that costs less. So if you’re someone who’s looking for value, this plan is worth checking out. 

US Mobile is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator that runs on the networks of Verizon and T-Mobile. Customers may choose either plan to use on the network of their preference.