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T-Mobile launches two technologies to improve 911 calls


T-Mobile is working on two new technologies to help improve the way emergency calls are handled. 

Earlier this week, the Un-carrier revealed these two technologies called the Location-Based Routing (LBR) and Next Generation 911 (NG911). Through these two technologies, the wireless carrier hopes to provide better service for emergency calls to be attended to as quickly as they can be.

Through the new LBR technology, T-Mobile will be able to connect more 911 callers directly to “the appropriate 911 call center”. Thus, this lessens the need for transferring calls and can prove to be a truly helpful feature during emergency cases. By doing this, emergency responders will be able to reach their destination much quicker so they can provide assistance right away.

The technology has already been deployed in “parts of Texas and Washington state.” T-Mobile is working with 911 to make this feature available throughout the country by using low latency device-based location technology.  

Moving to the other technology that T-Mobile revealed, NG911 makes use of an all-IP based system. Through this innovation, first responders and 911 operators experience a more seamless flow of information. It improves the system so it can better manage call overload, natural disaster response, and interoperability between jurisdictions. 

T-Mobile says that “some level” of the technology has already been established in “all or part of” Delaware, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Virginia, and Washington state. As soon as public safety networks are ready, T-Mobile plans to expand connectivity and capability of NG911 technology to the rest of the country.