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AT&T pushing through with its 3G network shutdown schedule


Earlier this week, Verizon announced that they have pushed their 3G network shutdown to an indefinite date. But even though there is no specific date mentioned, the shutdown remains evident. Today, AT&T and Cricket Wireless have released more information about its 3G network shutdown schedule and it looks like it’s happening real soon.  

The announcement shares that AT&T will stop activating non-HD (non-VoLTE) devices starting January 19. This includes the following:

  • New activations, 

  • SIM swaps

  • Add a line

  • Resume from cancel (Resume from suspend will not be blocked)

Any customer with a device such as this can continue to use it until February 2022. But once this date is over, customers will need to upgrade their device. 

According to AT&T, they will start sending out a text message to affected customers. The message will contain the following information:

“Starting January 19, if you try to switch your SIM card between your current device and another device that is not HD Voice compatible, it will cause service disruption. For more information, visit or see your Cricket store rep.”

Customers who are unable to upgrade their device by then, will receive this message:

“This device is not eligible for activation on the Cricket network. Cricket’s High Definition Voice network requires use of a compatible device. For more information, visit or see your Cricket store rep.”