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AT&T is nation’s fastest 5G wireless network provider


Ookla Speedtest has just named AT&T as the Nation’s Fastest 5G Wireless Network provider. This title comes from the results of their Q4 2020 analysis. 

According to the report, AT&T not only earns that title but also wins the recognition as the carrier with the Overall Fastest Wireless Speeds. This is a title that the wireless carrier has kept for two consecutive years. And in addition to that, they have earned the title as the Fastest Wireless Network for iPhone since 2019. 

Unlike the other conducted speed tests, Ookla’s findings are not generated from a lab. They are using data from the testing speeds of millions of real-world consumers that have used their Ookla Speedtest app. 

This is an important recognition for AT&T as they continue to improve their 5G+ wireless network around the country even with the pandemic. Yesterday, the carrier announced that it will be making the network available to airports across the country, starting with Tampa International Airport. It also revealed today that its 5G+ service will be making its way to popular venues, such as Oracle Park and Ball Arena.