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Helping you Save: Check your Credit for Free


  1. Get a completely free credit report

Annual Savings Potential:  About $180 over a credit monitoring service, although they aren’t exactly the same thing

Discussion Once per year, as a result of a government agreement with the credit report industry, you are entitled to a free copy of your credit report (although not your credit score) from all three major credit bureaus.   This site serves as a central clearinghouse for that program, and there is no charge.    This is different than, whose commercials are papered all over television.  That service offers you a free credit report, including your credit score.  However, it comes with the requirement that you enroll in their credit monitoring program called Triple Advantage.   You have seven days to cancel, or you are billed $14.95/month.

Some may benefit from the ongoing monitoring of, but if you just need a one-time check of  your credit, the free site in the recommendation is just fine. Note also that if you are ever turned down for credit based on your credit report,  the Fair Credit Reporting Act specifies that you must be alerted to that fact and will have an opportunity to see the credit report relied on to turn you down.