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T-Mobile: Hosting a big 5G announcement tomorrow


T-Mobile has an important announcement lined up for tomorrow, March 4, Thursday. According to the blog post they shared, the announcement is their “next big 5G-powered move.” 

We’re not entirely sure what that means or what this announcement is all about. But there are some theories that it could have something to do with T-Mobile achieving their goals for this year. Some of their goals for 2021 include 5G carrier aggregation and Voice over 5G. It’s possible that the Un-Carrier has made a breakthrough and wishes to divulge this at the upcoming event.

The event will be attended by T-Mobile CEO Mike Sievert, some of its executives, and a couple of “very special guests.” There’s no clue on who those special guests will be and what their role at the event is. 

If you’re interested in joining the webcast, visit this link tomorrow at 8:30 am PT.