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Spotify’s Windows Phone App Gets Upgraded With New Look And More Features

Spotify’s Windows Phone App Gets Upgraded With New Look And More Features

It looks like Spotify is on a roll. Just last week, the music streaming service provider revealed that it had managed to accumulate 60 million active users and 15 million paying subscribers as of the end of 2014. Now, it is announcing that it has finally upgraded its Windows Phone app with a new look and some additional features.


Indeed, one of the first things that people will notice with the updated app is the black colored theme, which adds a slicker look compared to its previous theme. Also, the enhanced version of the Spotify app on the Windows Phone platform now comes with the Browse feature as well as the Your Music feature, which allows listeners to save songs and albums to their personal collections.


As for the Browse feature, it was first introduced two years ago in 2013. Spotify incorporated the feature to give its users better access to musical content that is not only relevant to their tastes but also localized. 


The fact that the Windows Phone app of Spotify is getting upgraded is definitely welcome news for owners of devices that run on Microsoft's mobile operating system. When it comes to updates, the Windows Phone OS often gets second priority compared to Android and iOS, the most popular mobile platforms existing today. 


It is certainly true of the Spotify app too. The Spotify app for Windows Phone first launched in 2010, but it was only in 2013 that the app got updated to Windows Phone 8. But even though it lags behind Android and iOS users, Windows Phone users should still feel grateful that it still is getting attention.


Interestingly, Spotify is not the only music streaming app that is on the Windows Phone platform. Competitors like Deezer and Rdio also have apps on Microsoft's mobile operating system. All the more reason for Spotify to protect its dominance by not neglecting its presence in Windows Phone devices.


Also, Spotify has learned that more than half of its listeners (around 52 percent) are streaming music on their smartphones and tablets. This means that most of Spotify's users are of the mobile-friendly kind, and it looks like it is growing. Having said that, it only makes sense for Spotify to be cover as much mobile ground as possible and establish its presence in all platforms, whether they Android, iOS, and of course, Windows Phone.


You can download the Spotify app for Windows Phone for free here.