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MetroPCS Introduces $50 Unlimited LTE Promo

MetroPCS Introduces $50 Unlimited LTE Promo

MetroPCS, the prepaid wireless service brand owned by T-Mobile, is launching a new promo that will give its customers unlimited calls, text messaging, and 4G LTE data for $50 a month. And they can enjoy all of these without having to sign up for a yearly contract. 


But wait -- there are some caveats. First of all, subscribers must avail of the promo not later than April 5th of this year. When they do, they will be able to enjoy the promo's inclusions for an indefinite period of time. 


And another thing -- those who want sign up for this promo must buy a 4G LTE-compatible mobile device from MetroPCS. This means that they can only choose from any of the following handsets supplied by MetroPCS: Samsung Galaxy Avant, Galaxy Light, Galaxy MEGA, Galaxy S III, Galaxy S4, Galaxy S5; LG Optimus F3, F6, F60; Huawei Vitria, ZTE ZMAX; or Kyocera Hydro XTRM. This definitely does not bode well for users who want to bring in their own smartphones to the deal. 


On top of all the $50 unlimited LTE promo inclusions, MetroPCS is also offering the Samsung Galaxy Light for $50 as well as the LG Optimus F60 for $60. Both of these devices are entry-level handsets that run on the Android mobile operating system.


Apart from the new promo, the T-Mobile prepaid brand will also be including an additional 1 gigabyte of data to its existing options. This means that the current $40 plan now includes 2 gigabytes of data, while the $50 plan's allotment has been increased to 4 gigabytes of high-speed data per month. 


For those not in the know, both of MetroPCS's $40 and $50 plans already come with unlimited calls and unlimited text messaging. These plans can also be paired with existing mobile devices. 


For the full options of MetroPCS's promo, here are the details:


  • $40 per month with unlimited data, calls, and text messaging, plus 2 gigabytes of high-speed data up to 4G LTE speeds (originally only 1 gigabyte)
  • $50 per month with unlimited data, calls, and text messaging, plus 4 gigabytes of high-speed data up to 4G LTE speeds (originally only 3 gigabytes)
  • $60 per month with unlimited 4G LTE data, calls, and text messaging (sign up for $50 per month until April 5th with an LTE-ready handset supplied by MetroPCS)


MetroPCS may not be everybody's first choice, but the prepaid service provider is surely displaying some aggressiveness in capturing additional customers to its fold. Its efforts are certainly consistent with that of T-Mobile, its parent company. A few days ago, T-Mobile had just announced its new Simply Prepaid plans, which offers a more simplified pricing structure to the carrier's prepaid plans. For more information on MetroPCS's offers, you can start exploring plans and phones here