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Spotify and Hulu launch $13/month bundle

Spotify and Hulu launch $13/month bundle

Two of the most recognizable names in the streaming business -- Spotify and Hulu -- have decided this week to expand an existing bundle to every subscriber of Spotify who is based in the United States. Indeed, all Spotify subscribers will soon get to enjoy a bundled Spotify and Hulu experience, as long as they are willing to pay $13 every month.

Moreover, the number one music streaming subscription service provider in the face of the planet is apparently also improving its free tier in order to produce an easier and hopefully better user experience for those who access Spotify through their smartphones and tablet devices. It is quite possible that the improvements could allow free tier customers to have better control over what tracks are included in a playlist, as well as gain faster access to playlists in general.

As for Hulu’s deal, it marries a Spotify Premium music streaming subscription (which costs ten bucks per month) with an $8 a month Hulu tier, producing a deal that is five dollars cheaper every month (compared to paying for both subscriptions separately) and one that comes with no commercials whatsoever. As part of an introductory special offer, the first month of subscription will be priced at only $11, and the next couple of months at $10. According to both Spotify and Hulu, the package is only made available to existing American members of Spotify Premium, but come summer time, any customer will be able to take full advantage of the bundle.

By the way, for those who missed the news last week, it appears that Spotify is cooking up something new. The music streaming giant had recently sent out a save the date invitation to members of the media. The invite itself is painfully teasing, including only the date (April 24th) and the place where the event will be happening (New York City).

Naturally, some speculation surrounding the mysterious upcoming event has already suggested a few interesting theories. One is that Spotify is planning to bring its music streaming service inside a listener’s car. How will the company do this exactly? According to rumors, it could involve allowing drivers to control Spotify’s mobile app by using voice commands. Furthermore, the new service could come in the form of an in-car controller, or even a stand alone player. 

Spotify’s brand is still going strong despite some fierce competition in the world of music streaming. As a matter of fact, it began this year by announcing via a tweet that it had already reached 70 million paying subscribers.