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Comcast to offer cable service bundled with Netflix

Comcast to offer cable service bundled with Netflix

Both Comcast and Netflix have jointly announced that the former will be looking to bundle the latter’s service into its cable subscription offerings. Some may remember that back in 2016, the cable giant had began to include Netflix in its X1 interface, so it appears that the two companies are willing to explore more collaborative efforts.

Specifically, Netflix’s service will be bundled into the overall Comcast cable subscription in both current and new Xfinity packages. For Netflix, this should give the streaming giant an excellent opportunity to reach new audiences, especially prospective subscribers coming from the world of cable, and okay with the idea of trying out non-traditional media content. 

Comcast, on the other hand, gets a chance to further expand its existing repertoire of programming. Right now, its Xfinity cable packages already offer a wide range of services, including those that have room for streaming outside of familiar names like ESPN or HBO Go. With its recent teaming up with Netflix, Comcast is now in a very good position to add another streaming option, and one that should suit customers who are accustomed to consumer various forms of media while on the go, sometimes through their smartphones and tablet devices.

While it is true that Netflix’s brand has gathered some momentum in the past few years, it might still need to persuade people who grew up with traditional cable services to give the streaming giant a try. On top of that, the cross platform arrangement of Netflix’s deal with Comcast basically grants both companies an opportunity shoot two birds with one stone -- catering to their core target markets, while allowing for some versatility (Comcast courting streaming customers, while Netflix appealing to cable subscribers). 

By the way, for those who want to learn more about Netflix on Comcast’s X1, they better visit Xfinity’s official website now.

Cross platform deals like the one that will soon be offered by Comcast and Netflix are actually no longer that uncommon -- as a matter of fact, earlier this week Spotify and Hulu had revealed their plans to launch a bundled offer that costs $13 every month. At Hulu’s end, it is basically combining a Spotify Premium music streaming subscription (which typically is priced at ten dollars every month) with an $8 per month Hulu tier, essentially offering a new deal that is five bucks less expensive every month when compared to paying separately for both subscriptions. Plus, the deal does away with commercials, making for an interruption free experience.